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Green Drink Diets

December 04 2014

green drink diets

In this article I'm using a photo of green drinks as a metaphor for any 'miracle' diet food that is promised to help people lose weight.

I will state, in case you don't already know, that there is NO single food that will have a thermogenic effect on the body in of itself. This idea of a 'special' diet food started long ago with the grapefruit fad diet in the early 1930s, and is still going on now with lots of hype over foods like the acai berry etc. The claims usually are about the food having a special, secret enzyme or nutrient that boosts your metabolism in some way. Aside from caffeine and other stimulants, there are no known healthy micronutrients that can really do that.

Here are just a few of the 'miracle' foods that have been (and in some cases still are) popular, and what they were supposed to do:

  • Lemons - Supposedly detoxed your body and in that process got rid of excess fat.
  • Cabbage Soup - A simple low calorie diet with too much salt and too little protein.
  • Cinnamon - Claims are that it helps regulate your blood sugar and lowers insulin resistance, which produces a favorable environment for fat loss.
  • Garlic - Claims to kill bacteria, lower cholesterol and elevate metabolism.
  • Acai Berries - I'll just say that companies who sold acai and made false weight loss claims have beed sued ... HARD.

There are probably hundreds of examples with even more yet to come.

While it may be disappointing to some that there is no single food or pill (aside from stimulants which are dangerous) that will help you lose weight, it is also a good thing to understand and accept. Those looking to lose weight can now stop buying supplements and false hope, and leave that whole mentality behind.

Green drinks are a no brainer though when it comes to health. As 'part' of an overall diet and health strategy I fully recommend them.

I enjoy green drinks daily and use a Vitamix blender to mix them into a great tasting smoothie. It's powerful enough to puree a pencil and still function perfectly afterwards. The company is almost 100 years old (1921) and is as solid as they come. If interested, You can look them by clicking the image below.

- Peter